Nutrition Counseling:

Food and good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless amount of nutrition information swarming around. I don’t do diets, but help my clients find the nutrition balance to live a healthy life where they can feel at peace with their food and body.

Want to learn if we more:

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What To Expect in a Session:

Session topics and goals are completely tailored to individuals needs and nutrition goals.

Initial Session: This 60 minute session helps me learn more about you. We will talk together about your past experiences with food and nutrition and discover how they affect your eating behaviors today. If ready to move forward we will set up a plan for how to proceed toward your goals with times and topics for subsequent visits.

Follow up Session: During this time we will discuss goals and topics from previous sessions and explore new information and concepts to help with lasting behavior change.

Cost of Services:

Initial Visit- $90

60 minute visit, discussing your personal health and wellness and creating a personalized plan for helping you discover peace with your food and body.

Follow up

45 min full Session: $75

30 min mini Session: $45

In these sessions we will follow up on your nutrition goals and topics from our previous session in addition to introducing new topics needed to accomplish health goals.

Session Packages

4 Session package $200

Initial consult and 3 mini follow up sessions.

8 Session Package $375

Initial consult and 7 mini follow up sessions