Owner and Practitioner 

Photography by  Rachel Nichols   

Photography by Rachel Nichols 

Since a young age I have loved working with food. I remember spending hours in the kitchen watching and helping my mother and grandmothers cook. Later as I was involved with athletics, I became interested in how the food I eat affected my body and physical performance. I have seen how food and nutrition touches many areas in our lives for good or worse. My love for food and helping others played key roles in becoming a registered dietitian.

I have been fortunate to work in an array of areas within the field of dietetics. Each of them has contributed to my unique skillset as a nutrition practitioner. In 2009, I began my career working as a clinical dietitian which later expanded to include community and behavioral health dietetics. Since 2011 behavioral health dietetics has become my passion. I love helping others discover how to be healthy and mindful about their nutrition without being obsessive or unrealistic.

In 2015 I opened Primrose Nutrition Consulting LLC to be able to reach out and help more individuals struggling with disordered eating behaviors in their daily lives. Food is meant to nourish our bodies as well as be enjoyed. It is not an enemy. My goal is to help others find peace with food and their bodies by helping them find the nutrition balance their bodies can’t live without.

Education and Licenses

Utah State University

BS. Nutrition and Food Science with emphasis in Dietetics. 2008

MDA. Masters in Dietetic Administration. 2014

Licenses/ Certificites

CD: Certified Dietitian in State of Utah

RD: Registered Dietitian since 2009


I look forward to working with you or your loved ones in the future.

Janalee J Greene MDA, RD, CD