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Today's world is full of chaos and confusion; as a registered dietitian I believe good nutrition should NOT be chaotic or confusing. Eating well can be simple and delicious.   

At Primrose Nutrition Consulting my specialty is helping those struggling with disordered eating behaviors. As a small, individualized business my focus is on helping you return back to the basics of good nutrition. I provide you with the tools needed to help you find peace with food and your body.   
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Food is meant to be enjoyed, to nourish and bring pleasure. Often those struggling with disordered eating behaviors dread to be around others when food is involved. Leaving them feeling isolated or alone. Life doesn't have to be this way. It is possible to nourish your body with delicious food and enjoy doing it. If this is you or someone you love take action today, I can help.


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Eating disorder thoughts can be cruel, and untrue. Often they can leave you feeling isolated, guilty, alone, worthless and trapped. Feeling unable or unworthy to get help. These thoughts are false! The body is a magnificent creation deserves to be celebrated and food is intended to bring health and fulfillment. At Primrose Nutrition Consulting I have the food covered. Let me help you! Contact us today.  

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I invite you to learn all about us. As a resisted dietitian I can help you get back to enjoying food and life with out worrying about your eating disorder. While you are here check out my recipes, and read some of the latest nutrition news and information. 

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